Some days, you just need a Handy-Buddys


Have you suffered the frustration of getting too many options for a possible service provider when you use other online providers? You don’t even know who to call because there is no way of knowing if the names you pick are trustworthy, available now at the best possible price currently, and have the right quality track record.

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Well, you are not alone; many home owners and others looking for service providers are in the same boat. Getting the right service provider has been like shooting the proverbial arrow in the dark. That is until now. Suffer no more, there is now Handy buddy to the rescue! This is a mobile and web based app that represents sublime innovation in matching reputable service providers with discerning customers in real time.

Available in both Apple and Android stores for free download, Handy buddy is the epic match maker between customer and service provider in real time to eliminate all the problems associated with filtering for quality, timeliness and cost of service.

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